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1984 - 1995

16 May
EON was Established
1 September
EON Formed to Handle Sales of PROTON Saga

EON was incorporated in 16 May 1984 to manage the sales distribution and servicing of PROTON cars in Malaysia.

9 July
The Launching of PROTON Saga

The introduction of Proton Saga marked a significant milestone as the first car produced by PROTON and distributed by EON, symbolising Malaysia's industrialisation

9 July
PROTON Saga TV Commercial
21 October
Hatchback Variants Join The Saga Range, Including The PROTON Saga Aeroback 1.3S.
21 October
Formation of Petronas EON Racing Team (PERT)

The team was involved in circuit racing but mainly focused on rallying, which is ideal for showcasing the performance and durability of PROTON cars.

18 April
Raya Advertisement Featuring Jamal Abdillah & Raja Ema
31 August
National Day Float, Johor Bahru

EON participated in the National Day Parade in Johor Bahru to enhance and strengthen the company's presence in the southern region.

7 December
World Endurance

PROTON's venture into the global market presents an ideal platform to demonstrate the resilience and excellence of the Malaysian brand.

New Logo, New Look

A new logo to coincide with EON’s listing on Bursa Malaysia.

8 June
Entering Bursa Malaysia

EON went public in Bursa Malaysia, aiming to attract investments for expansion and development.

12 August
Launching of PROTON Saga Megavalve

EON went public in Bursa Malaysia, aiming to attract investments for expansion and development.

25 August
Automotive Conversion Engineering Sdn Bhd (ACE) was formed

EON's former subsidiary specialised in crafting and customising vehicles, with a focus on producing special editions of PROTON cars.

25 August
Launching of PROTON Limousine & Executive
15 August
Launching of PROTON Iswara
15 August
PROTON Variants - PROTON Knight, PROTON Executive, PROTON Saga
15 August
PROTON Iswara TV commercial
21 May
PROTON Wira Was Launched
21 January
PROTON Perdana Was Launched
PROTON Iswara TV commercial
PROTON Wira TV Commercial

1996 - 2006

Senyum TV Promotion by RTM
21 April
The North Pole Free Fall Expedition

The expedition to drop a Proton Wira 1.5 at the North Pole was successfully executed by a team of 16 skydivers, 3 support crew and 4 journalists from TV3.

26 April
The Return of the North Pole Free Fall Expedition Heroes
Celebrating the 1,000,000th unit sold

This event was to commemorate the sale of the 1,000,000th units of
PROTON cars since its establishment.

30 August
Pandu Proton Merdeka on the Pulau Pinang Bridge
2 May
Launching Proton Wira Thomas Cup Edition
31 August
Launching of PROTON Waja
19 October
Launching of Sahabat EON

Sahabat EON is part of our effort to strengthen customer service and create an effective loyalty program to our buyers especially for Proton car owners.

6 November
EON Began Distributing the Locally-made TD 2000 Sports Car.
12-13 May
EON Millennium Rally Championship, Shah Alam & Sepang
9-10 June
EON Millennium Rally Championship, Seremban
20-21 October
Sahabat EON MFA Hunt
Proton Car Handover Ceremony in conjunction with Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2001
4 December
EON Signed a Distribution Agreement for Audi and Volkswagen Vehicles

EON introduced new brands for sale as part of its diversification efforts in the market.

EON Automart Becomes an Authorised Mitsubishi Reseller, After-sales & Service Partner
EONMobil Distributed Suzuki, Hyundai, and Inokom Vehicles, as well as Provided After-sales Servicing for the Brands
23 October
Euromobil to Distribute Audi in Malaysia

Euromobil has played a key role in promoting the Audi brand and expanding its presence in Malaysia. The partnership has allowed Malaysian consumers to access a range of Audi models and benefit from the brand's reputation for luxury and performance.

EON is the Overall Champion for the IPRM Kristal Awards and was dubbed
Malaysia’s Most Exemplary Public Relations Project Award for Best Public Relations Practice
31 March
EON & Proton Signed New Distribution Pact

The accord also allows EON to sell non-PROTON brands
under separate entities and on separate premises.

24 July
EON Opened Audi Service Centre
2 March
EON Became PROTON’s Super Dealer
EONMobil Established Business Partnerships with Hyundai and SuzukI
Proton Savvy “Monster” TV Commercial
Overall Grand Champion of the Silver Quill Awards by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Malaysia

2007 - 2016

30 September
Euromobil Embarking on Volkswagen Dealership at Glenmarie - Retailing Polo, Beetle, Golf GTi, Jetta, Passat & Touareg Models
27 January
EON Acquired by Hicom Holdings Berhad

Proton Edar acquired EON's PROTON business in
an internal reorganisation
exercise to achieve greater
operational efficiency.

Proton Inspira TV Commercial
Proton Inovasi Competition
EON's PROTON Business in Reorganisation

As part of an internal reorganisation exercise, the purpose of the internal reorganisation is to achieve greater operational efficiency and will lead to the enhancement of the group’s future earnings.

EON Inovasi (DLSB) Ventured into Leasing Business
Raya Advertisement by Black & Krew - inspired by the original 1988 by Jamal Abdillah & Raja Ema
Sole Distributor for Mahindra & Spyder
EON Announced Jeep Returns to Malaysia

2017 - Present

12 December
The Launch of Proton X70
21 April
Proton Edar Dealership Sold to EON
27 October
The Launch of Proton X50
EON Becomes Part of PROTON Network
13 November
EON Launched New Logo

EON's refreshed logo sports a more modern font and a stylised red “E” that sits within a blue diamond. It
represents a forwardmovement
motion which is where the company is
heading with its strategies.

13 November
EON Back To Selling PROTON Cars

EON announced the taking over of 9 PROTON dealership, signifying the return to the company's long history with the national car maker.

18 February
Launching of Proton Saga & Iriz R3 Limited Edition
4 March
Strategic Partnership with MyTukar

Leveraging myTukar’s technology-enabled platform to provide EON’s customers with instant and transparent valuations for trade-in vehicles along with enhanced customer experience as a one-stop centre.

11 August
EON Unveils New Website

This new website is more user-friendly and easily accessible for our current and prospective customers to make informed decisions when purchasing their vehicle.

1 March
EON 3S-Platinum in Alor Setar
3 April
Partnership with Bank Muamalat for Easy Payment Scheme
8 September
Joint Venture with Petromin

The collaboration with Petromin is the opportunity to tap into the Saudi automotive giant’s wealth of experience and know-how whilst capturing part of the large and growing automotive aftersales market in Malaysia.

15 March
DRB-Hicom Avis Malaysia Signed MOU with Meraque Group

This MOU strengthens the two companies’ alliance and further catalyses the growth of Malaysian drone industry.

7 May
Launch of PROTON X90 SUV
25 May
EON Appointed as PRO-NET Dealer

EON’s combined effort with PRO-NET marks the commitment to penetrate the vibrant EV market in

26 October
Invest in Carro’s Genie Malaysia

Combining EON's experience with Carro Genie’s valuable insights in navigating and innovating in a new technological landscape in the automotive distribution
ecosystem, this collaboration unlocks valuable cross-selling opportunities for EON and DRB-Hicom.

4-5 November
EON Joins PACE 2023
23 November
First EON 3S for Smart
28 November
Proton S70 Sedan Launched
1 March
Celebrating 40th Anniversary
1 March
EON Autofest 2024
1 March
Launching of EON Capital

EON introduces a multi-brand online financing platform dedicated to making your automobile purchase experience smoother, faster, and more rewarding than ever before.

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